How to Save Endangered Species: Hunt Them


You Light Up My Night. Save My Life: Photo Friday

These are SO COOL, and fabulous for my black pups who are hard to see in the dark! Great for evening and night time excursions!

Dog Leader Mysteries

By Deborah Taylor-French

Dogs love us. Often we do not feel we deserve their undying affection. Still, they love us. They look up trustingly. They wait for  us to take them for walks, take them for a ride in the car, take them to a dog park or just give them a meal.

What can we do to repay a dog’s love?

A few dog lovers maybe shocked to hear that many dogs do not like to be squeezed or hugged. But all dogs love going for walks. I just read on the blog that dogs respond better and act bonded to people who walk them. Pretty cool facts, huh?

Light up your dog’s life! Give him a safety leash.

Save your dog’s life as you walk him at night.

Light up a dog lover’s life with a Pup Protector collar or leash.

Go see the Pup Protector


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5 Summer Hazards for Cats to Avoid…

DeJohn Pet Services

summer_cat_by_s0n0ra-d3ew682In my years as a veterinarian, I’ve given a lot of advice – in print, online, over the airwaves and on national TV and, yes, in person. Do this, not that. Avoid this, choose that. I’ve seen my colleagues do the same, over exam room tables, at conferences and in various forms of media.

The other day, though, it struck me: Most of the advice we share is specific to dogs. I guess that makes sense – after all, dogs hit the road with us, on everything from walks around the block to cross-country tours. We take them out in all kinds of weather, so we have to worry about icy paws and overheating. We share our food with them, constantly. And we’re always noticing things about their behavior that we want – or need – to fix.

But what about our cats?

Don’t Cats Need Our Help, Too?


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Summer Gear And Safety Tips For Your Pet

CBS Philly

By Nan Talleno

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – We’re right in the middle of summer, enjoy the season with your companion animals safely.

If you’re heading down the shore and to the beach and need to stock up on some more sun and sand essentials, the ASPCA offers great summer gear that ultimately benefits companion animals in need. There’s everything from tote bags to folding chairs to towels and caps, as well as pet first aid kits.

Check it out at

When sharing the outdoors with your pets, keep them hydrated with plenty of water. Keep their time outdoors to a minimum and preferably in the shade. Use a sprinkler or a wading pool to safely allow your dog a way to cool off at his/her own pace while enjoying some exercise and playtime too.

For a delicious summertime treat, try freezing chicken broth in ice cube trays. Let your…

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Bad Breeding

So many bad breeders, who DONT do what is REQUIRED rescues are ALWAYS more grateful! RESCUE TODAY


A guy I worked with showed me pictures of his new puppy named Teddy.

“Is he a rescue?” Always my first question.

“No, got him from a breeder.” To my credit I didn’t pull his larynx out with the tweezers I keep in my make-up bag, but I wanted to.

Now he’s not the sharpest tool in the box but he did see me stiffen. Ray Charles would have caught my not so pleased reaction since my whole being bristled forced to digest what it just heard.

“I’d never go to a pet shop you know…I draw the line there,” this lamebrain said, trying hard to backpedal.

“Where do you think pet shop animals come from (we’ll call him Sid), the stork?”

It really irks me knowing what I know. images-10Thousands of unwanted, healthy animals get put down daily across the world, but you went to a breeder? images-12


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What If?

Peace, Love & Fostering

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a very fun ASPCA event on Capitol Hill to raise awareness about adopting and animal rescue. The event, Paws for Celebration, brought together shelters and rescue groups from around the DC area to gather in the House of Representatives’ Canon House Office Building and meet with lawmakers during the lunch hour. It was fun, it was festive and it was a feel-good event for a good cause.


I’ve done my fair share of tabling and adoption events, but this one was a bit different. As the event got started, the room was suddenly full of hundreds of good looking, well dressed and nicely groomed (no pun intended) men and women. Most of them were in business suits or nice dresses and high heels. Then there were the shelters and rescue groups, most of us in polos or t-shirts. The difference between the…

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