5 Summer Hazards for Cats to Avoid…

DeJohn Pet Services

summer_cat_by_s0n0ra-d3ew682In my years as a veterinarian, I’ve given a lot of advice – in print, online, over the airwaves and on national TV and, yes, in person. Do this, not that. Avoid this, choose that. I’ve seen my colleagues do the same, over exam room tables, at conferences and in various forms of media.

The other day, though, it struck me: Most of the advice we share is specific to dogs. I guess that makes sense – after all, dogs hit the road with us, on everything from walks around the block to cross-country tours. We take them out in all kinds of weather, so we have to worry about icy paws and overheating. We share our food with them, constantly. And we’re always noticing things about their behavior that we want – or need – to fix.

But what about our cats?

Don’t Cats Need Our Help, Too?


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