Bad Breeding

So many bad breeders, who DONT do what is REQUIRED rescues are ALWAYS more grateful! RESCUE TODAY


A guy I worked with showed me pictures of his new puppy named Teddy.

“Is he a rescue?” Always my first question.

“No, got him from a breeder.” To my credit I didn’t pull his larynx out with the tweezers I keep in my make-up bag, but I wanted to.

Now he’s not the sharpest tool in the box but he did see me stiffen. Ray Charles would have caught my not so pleased reaction since my whole being bristled forced to digest what it just heard.

“I’d never go to a pet shop you know…I draw the line there,” this lamebrain said, trying hard to backpedal.

“Where do you think pet shop animals come from (we’ll call him Sid), the stork?”

It really irks me knowing what I know. images-10Thousands of unwanted, healthy animals get put down daily across the world, but you went to a breeder? images-12


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