You Light Up My Night. Save My Life: Photo Friday

These are SO COOL, and fabulous for my black pups who are hard to see in the dark! Great for evening and night time excursions!

Dog Leader Mysteries

By Deborah Taylor-French

Dogs love us. Often we do not feel we deserve their undying affection. Still, they love us. They look up trustingly. They wait for  us to take them for walks, take them for a ride in the car, take them to a dog park or just give them a meal.

What can we do to repay a dog’s love?

A few dog lovers maybe shocked to hear that many dogs do not like to be squeezed or hugged. But all dogs love going for walks. I just read on the blog that dogs respond better and act bonded to people who walk them. Pretty cool facts, huh?

Light up your dog’s life! Give him a safety leash.

Save your dog’s life as you walk him at night.

Light up a dog lover’s life with a Pup Protector collar or leash.

Go see the Pup Protector


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